Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Refund Fee of Electronic Ticket BSP International

Each International Airlines have the any policy, but there's the same on some Airlines. For futher information, below I try to make a review generally of refund fee ticket of each International Airlines currently valid period update 2009. It's not based on my imagination or predictive but the refund fee below is currently using by International Airlines as per follow up. Because of I have experience and knowledgement about each Airlines in established their policy and refund fee

Table Comparable of Refund Fee International Airlines in the World :

Code AirlinesCancel Fee
AAAmerican AirlinesUSD 100
UAUnited AirlinesUSD 100
MHMalaysian AirlinesUSD 50
SQSingapore AirlinesUSD 50
PRPhilipine AirlinesUSD 75
QRQatar AirwaysUSD 100
QFQantas AirwaysUSD 50
EKEmirates AirlinesUSD 50
HNHahn AirUSD 60
ETEthiopian AirlinesUSD 50
ULRoyal BruneiUSD 50
JAJet AirwaysUSD 73
KEKorean AirUSD 25
CXCathay PacificUSD 50
VIVietnam AirlinesUSD 50

The table refund fee above show that there are diference charge each other. We can conclude that Korean Air refund fee charge is the cheapest of the all. If you would like to cancel your flight, you can compare the refund fee charge to get better knowledge in travelling.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Refund Fee Rules of Garuda Indonesia Domestic

Garuda Indonesia is the best airline in Indonesia. Garuda Indonesia have both flight either Domestic or International Flight. In domestic route, Garuda Indonesia is reached all of the sector in Indonesia through many province. In international Garuda Indonesia have flight reached Asia and Australia.

Garuda Indonesia have refund rules policy, it's depends on class and cancel time.

Here is the details valid period 2009 :

ClassCancel >48 hoursCancel <48>Cancel <24>
(Adm Fee)(Refund Fee)(Cancel Fee)
C,YRp 50.000,- 25% * basic fare25% * basic fare
MRp 50.000,-25% * basic fare(25%+25%) * basic fare
L,K,NRp 50.000,-25% * basic fare(25%+25%) * basic fare
B,VRp 50.000,- + CF 85% 85% * basic fare(85%+25%) * basic fare
QRp 50.000,- + CF 75% 75% * basic fare(75%+25%) * basic fare

All of class are certainly charged with administration fee with Rp 50.000,- eventhough the passenger is Garuda Frequent Flight Member (GFF Member). The GFF Member just will be not charged with cancellation less than 48 hours and less than 24 hours.

It's need to know if the flight has been cancel in same day as per issuing ticket it's means the agent will not be charged. It's call void fee. The void fee rules is issue 10 tickets get 1 void free ticket.

That's all of the information about refund procedure of Garuda Indonesia Domestic Ticket. I hope this article can be helpful for your input if you have refund ticket Garuda as the reference of your travelling.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Refund Fee of Domestic Ticket in Indonesia

Indonesia have many Airlines either for domestic route or international route. Several time Indonesia ever get policy from International Flight Policy to no flight for International routing. Here's I'd like to explisit my knowledge in concern at Travelling Agent about refund fee of Domesctic Ticket in Indonesia such as Lion Air / Wings Air, Merpati Nusantara, and Sriwijaya Air.

Lion Air will be charge passenger with cancellation fee 50% from basic fare if cancel less than 48 hours and cancellation fee 75% from basic fare if cancel less than 24 hours. If you cancel your flight more than 48 hours, Lion / Wings Air will charge administration refund fee as amount Rp 50.000,-. In case T class Lion / Wings Air will not be able to process the refund ticket.

Merpati Nusantara will charge with refund fee 75% from basic fare if you cancel less than 24 hours, but if you cancel more than 24 hours, Merpati Nusantara Airlines just charge administration refund fee with Rp 50.000,-. Merpati Nusantara for domestic routing was processing refund for about 2 months. Usually agent will pay the refund to passenger / client for about 3 months.

Sriwijaya Air will charge with cancel fee 25% from basic fare in case cancel less than 48 hours, and will charge 50% form basic fare in case less than 24 hours. but Sriwijaya Air will also charge Rp 50.000,- to passenger if cancel in time, It's mean cancel more than 48 hours.

The three Airlines above as per explaination is enough powerful in provide service for passenger and always try to make them happy in their trip. So, don't be affraid if you want to pick one of them to be your partner in the travelling. The processing refund woudn't be take a too long time because of The Domestic Airline is really know that passenger is king and partner.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Refund Fee of Garuda Indonesia Airlines International

Garuda Indonesia Airline is also have routing for international flight. It's like to Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. For the refund have the same refund fee for all sector. The currently Cancellation Fee amount is USD 50 (contain of USD 25 Refund Fee and USD 25 Administration Fee), but for sector Singapore-Jakarta, cancel fee will be charge SIND 75 if we convert to dollar it's about USD 54 or depend on the currency exchange in any time.

For void fee, Garuda Indonesia will be charged with USD 50 for all sector. That's the rules of Garuda Indonesia Refund Fee.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Refund Fee of Batavia Air

Batavia Air is the one of many airlines in Indonesia such as Merpati Nusantara, Mandala Airline, Lion Air / Wings Air, Sriwijaya Air, etc. The Batavia one has already use electronic ticket for all sector. Batavia Air have a system that's online and make passenger easier to getting flight.

Batavia Air have the refund fee rules simpler than the other Airlines in case for about the same rules for any class ticket. But it's has a unique procedure for passengers to process their refund ticket. If you would like to get Batavia Air for processing your refund ticket, you have to enclose the ID Card such as Passport or KTP. It's use to make sure that the passenger is exactly want to refund the tickets. So, never try to process your refund tickets without enclose your ID Card.

Here's the refund rules :

Class       Cancel >48 hours    Cancel <48 hours    Cancel <24 hours
All class   Adm Rp 100.000,-    Refund Fee25%      Refund Fee25%+Penalty Fee25%

The above rules its valid for any class and all sector, that's why Batavia Air have simpler refund processing procedure. If ticket cancel in same day, it's mean the ticket is void. Void fee will be charge with amount Rp 100.000,-.

That's all about refund processing for Batavia Air Ticket. The Hopeness, its rules can be useful for any passenger who want to refund or void their trip by using Batavia Air Flight to be more knowledgement about refund ticket, then we wouldn't be the passive passenger later. Have a nice trip.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Refund Fee of Thai Airways

Thai Airways is the ones of International Airline from Thailand. Thai Airways have the unique procedure for refund processing because of the refund fee depend on commission agent which is signed promo ticket or not. Thai Airways management is more fairness than another airlines in case of refund ticket.

Refund fee as per following below :